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Are you a veteran or currently serving in the military? If so, you may be eligible for a VA loan. One of the requirements for obtaining a VA loan is providing a Statement of Service. In this article, we will discuss what a Statement of Service is, why it is important, and provide you with a template that you can use.

What is a Statement of Service?

A Statement of Service is a document provided by your military branch that verifies your current military service status and provides specific information about your service. This document is required when applying for a VA loan as it helps the lender determine your eligibility for the loan.

Why is a Statement of Service important?

A Statement of Service is important because it provides the lender with vital information about your military service, such as your rank, length of service, and character of service. This information helps the lender assess your creditworthiness and determine your eligibility for a VA loan. Without a Statement of Service, your loan application may be delayed or denied.

Statement of Service Template

Here is a template that you can use to create your own Statement of Service:

TO: [Lender’s Name]
FROM: [Your Name]
DATE: [Date]
SUBJECT: Statement of Service

I, [Your Name], hereby certify that I am currently serving in the [Branch of Service] and have been on active duty since [Date]. My current rank is [Rank] and I have served for a total of [Length of Service]. My character of service is [Character of Service].

This Statement of Service is issued for the purpose of obtaining a VA loan. If you require any additional information or documentation, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address].

[Your Name]
[Your Rank and Service Number]


Obtaining a VA loan can be a great option for veterans and active-duty military personnel. To ensure a smooth loan application process, it is important to provide a Statement of Service that accurately reflects your military service. Use the template provided in this article to create your own Statement of Service and increase your chances of securing a VA loan.